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life 意味
1. 暮らし、命、生涯、生活、生命
・ 発音: laif (米国/英国) 、ライフ(日本)
・ 類義語:
affluent life   豊かな生活
austere life   質素な生活
come back to life   生命を取り戻す
dignity of life   生命の尊さ、命の尊厳
diversity of life   生物の多様性
earn one's life   生活費を稼ぐ
ephemeral life   はかない人生
eventful life   波乱万丈の人生、慌ただしい一生
extend the life   寿命を延ばす、寿命を長持ちさせる
happy married life   幸福な結婚生活
lead a busy life   忙しく暮らす、多忙な生活を営む
lead a destitute life   赤貧生活をする、貧困の生活をする
lead a happy life   元気に暮らす
lead a life   生活を送る、人生を送る
lead a normal life   普通に暮らす、一般的な生活をする
Life goes on   それでも人生は続く、人生山あり谷あり
live a good life   快適に暮らす
live a long life   長生きする、長寿を保つ
luxurious life   ぜいたくな生活、豪華な生活
maintain life   命脈を保つ、生命を保つ
make one's life   生活費を稼ぐ
matter of life or death   死活問題、生死にかかわる問題、命にかかわる問題
mediocre life   平凡な生活
monotonous life   単調な人生
pleasant life   愉快な人生
rural life   田園生活、田舎暮らし
save one's life   命を救う、命を助ける
spend one's life   人生を過ごす
take a heavy toll of lives   多数の死者を出す
take life   命を奪う、死者を出す、殺生する
take one’s life   命を絶つ
take one's life in one's hands   故意に死の危険を冒す
take one's own life   自らの命を絶つ、自殺する
the life of the party   場の盛り上げ役、場を盛り上げる人、パーティーの花形
way of life   生き方
zest for life   人生への熱意
life 例文
The daily lives of most of us are full of things that keep us busy.
Let's stop wasting your life on these 10 time-consuming tasks.
Marriage is a major milestone in life!
For this work I received an annuity for life.
My important life lesson is to be nice to everyone no matter who they are.
I do think as long as we've got ambitions in life we can do anything we want.
Anna lives over her office.
Do you think it's important to be positive about life and full of hope for the future?
He wanted to escape from city life.
We all agree that the aim of education is to fit the child for life.
Her life was nipped in the bud.


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