have one's own wayの意味とは

have one's own way 意味
1. わがままを通す、思い通りにする
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have one's own way 例文
Thank you to those who have already returned their child’s camp permission forms. Could I please ask that forms are returned ASAP?
Welcome to a new school year. I am delighted to have Taro in my class and I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year.
Students have continued to be motivated, and have engaged themselves in all areas of learning.
Congratulations, the coaches have selected you as a Squad Athlete for the U15 boys Team.
I have brought forward the departure time to 7.00am from Gate 1.
They were briefed about the camp program and have now settled into day 1 activities.
You have requested that we transfer $10.50 AUD from PayPal to your bank account, and we're processing it now.
We will not have a Spelling test or Spelling homework this week.
Does anyone happen to have this DVD at home and would be willing to lend it to us?
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
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