year 意味
1. 年、年齢、年間、学年
・ 発音: jiər (米国) 、jəː (英国)、イヤー(日本)
・ 類義語:
year の略は「yr.」で複数は「yrs.」。
a few years ago   ほんの数年前
all (the) year round   一年中、一年を通じて
all the year around [round]   一年中
by the end of the year   今年までは、今年中には
early next year   来年早々に
every year   毎年、毎年度
for a number of years   何年もの間
for a year   1年間
for half a year   半年間
for many consecutive years   何年も続けて
for many years   何年も、長年、何年も前から
for several years   数年間、ここ数年
for ten consecutive years   10年連続で
for ten successive years   10年連続で
for ten years running   10年連続で
for the third consecutive year   3年連続で
for years   長年の間、何年も、何年もの間
for years and years   何年もの間
goal a few years later   2~3年後をメドに
in a year   一年で
in late years   近年
in recent years   近年
in the first half of the year   今年の上半期に
in the first year of life   生後一年以内に
in the last five years   過去5年のうちに
in the last ten years   過去10年の間に、過去10年のうちに
in the past year   去年
in this year   年内、今年に
in years   何年も
more than ~ years ago   ~年以上前に
once every two years   二年に一度
once every year   年に一度
over the last few years   過去なん年間に渡って、過去2-3年にわたって
over the past few years   過去2-3年にわたって、ここ数年で
over the past years   ここ数年で
several times a year   年に数回
three years in a row   3年連続で
throughout the year   1年間を通じて
two years ago   一昨年
within a few years   数年のうちに
year after year   毎年毎年
year by year   年々、年を追うごとに
year 例文
There are twelve months in a year.
He is twelve years old.
A Booster Dose is recommended at least 4 months after Dose 2 if you are 18 years and over.
For years I was haunted by guilt.
The dispute is still smoldering, two years after the negotiations began.
We let it go for another year, it'll totally implode.
We all know what a tough year 2020 has turned out to be.
The building is only about 5 years old.
Sales have picked up 20 percent this year.
I became a mother at this time fourteen years ago.
My hometown is now very different from what it was 20 years ago.
I will personally be donating one month's salary this year.


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