see A as Bの意味とは
see A as B 意味
1. AをBと見なす、AをBだと考える
Scientists began to question religious authority and see human reason as the ultimate tool in the discovery of truth.
People who are afraid of spiders see the arachnids as bigger than they actually are, recent experiments have shown.


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    see A as Bの意味は、「AをBと見なす、AをBだと考える」です。eigonary(エイゴナリー)は、英単語・英熟語・連語(コロケーション)・フレーズなどをやさしく説明するTOEFL・TOEIC・英検の英語学習辞書・大学入試向けの無料英語学習辞書です。
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