operating lossの意味とは
operating loss 意味
1. 営業損失、営業赤字
That company will end up first operating loss in this period, even though for the high profitable company as a representative of America.


  • non-operating expenses  営業外費用
  • discretionary spending  裁量的経費、裁量支出
  • assets and liabilities  資産及び負債
  • auditor  監査役、監査人、会計..
  • personnel expenditure  人件費
  • entertainment expenses  接待費、交際費
  • basic fee  基本料金
  • extraordinary income  特別利益
  • M&A (Mergers and Acqui..  合併・買収、エムアン..
  • annual turnover  年商、年間販売額、年..
  • current assets  流動資産、貨幣性資産
  • installment payment  分割払い
  • annual compensation  年棒
  • financial predicament  財政難
  • in the red  赤字で
  • accounts receivable  売掛金、受取勘定、売..
  • start-up cost  開業費、創業費用
  • fixed assets [property..  固定資産
  • cash  現金にする、換金する
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