might as well doの意味とは
might as well do 意味
1. doした方がいい、doしてみてもいい、doしてみたら、doしても差し支えない、doしてみてもいいかも
I might as well die. Nobady needs an old woman like me.
You might as well come with us, since you say you have nothing better to do this evening.
The restaurant is very crowded. We might as well come back later.
レストランはとても込み合っている。 また後で出直した方がいいだろう。
You might as well invite a thief as leave your door unlocked.
You might as well do your homework now as do it later.
I might as well die as fall in love.
You might as well throw your money into the river as lend it to her.


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