the firstの意味とは

the first
< the firstの意味 >
1. 第一、一番目
・ 発音: ðə fəːrst (米国/英国)
the firstを使う熟語
after the first 3 months   最初の3ヶ月後に
for the first time   初めて
for the first time in   ~ぶりに
In the first days   最初の数日
in the first five months   最初の五ヶ月間
in the first half   前半
in the first half of the year   今年の上半期に
in the first hours   最初の数時間
in the first instance   第一に
in the first place   第一に、そもそも、初めから
in the first year of life   生後一年以内に
the first   最初の~
the firstを使うよくある表現
the first edition   初版
< the firstの例文 >
She will win the first prize.
The first day of the week
She turned to the left at the first corner.
The first person who comes has to unlock the door.
This is the first novel that was written by the writer.
The first subject that attracted my attention was religion.
The first brew is prepared for tea washing not for drink.
I am more often than not excited as well on the first day of school.
I cooked by myself for the first time today.
The first shoes were created to give protection and warmth to human feet.
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