save one's faceの意味とは

save one's face
< save one's faceの意味 >
1. 面子を保つ
・ 類義語:
This new process will save us million of dollars.
If you have received this email in error, please do not save or disclose its contents and delete it completely.
You can save your time if he comes to school by bus.
People must be free to do whatever they like save violence and acts against humanity.
It is of course important to save and manage water in a better way than we do now.
Jackson is trying to save as much money as he can.
We should save energy.
When I need to make cuts to save money, music is often top of the list.
Although Tom prefers walking to taking the bus, he often uses the public transportation to save time.
You would save your mother a lot of worries if you'd simply write her.


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