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change A into B
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< change A into Bの意味 >
1. AをB にする
< change A into Bの例文 >
What must change is how we use the available supply.
Do you have change for a fifty?
Keep the change.
Can I change this into Yen?
You have changed your shipping information. The shipping cost may change accordingly.
あなたは配送情報を変更しました。 それに伴って送料は変更されることがあります。
Climate change affects everything you do.
Whatever they said to her, Jane would not change her mind.
China plans to change continuous growth with soft-landing economy of an active government spending and flexible monetary policy.
I have a ten-dollar bill. I need some change.
It also has an ability to change not only its shape, but its color as well.
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