a large amount ofの意味とは
a large amount of 意味
1. 多量の~、大量の~
It was not until the invention of personal computers that people in business could work so effectively with a large amount of date.


  • a host of  多数の~
  • a good many  非常に多くの~
  • a crowd of  多数の~
  • square meter  平方メートル
  • a little  少しの~、小さな~
  • hundreds of  数百の~、何百の
  • seventeen  十七、17
  • size  大きさ、広さ、寸法、..
  • quantity  量、分量、数量
  • a great deal of  多くの~、たくさんの..
  • seventy  七十、七十
  • a good deal  多く、大いに
  • a few  少しの~、いくらかの..
  • a great number of  多数の
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