have gotの意味とは
have got 意味
1. ~を持っている
But for her tender care, Michael could not have got better.
We seem to have got off the subject we are meant to be discussing.
They have got a substantial profit from their investments.


  • get around  動き回る、見てまわる
  • talk up  ~をほめる
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  • have no mind to do  ~する気がない
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  • That is how  このようにして~
  • go on to do  続けてdoする
  • keep fowls  鶏や家禽を飼う
  • keep doing  doし続ける
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  • set aside  ~をわきに置く、取っ..
  • in violation of  ~に違反して
  • stream into  ~に流れる
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